A Child Friendly Solution to Bike Safety in Primary Schools

For this purpose we all need our kids to exercise as a whole lot as viable, at the least each day. One mode of workout which kids truly revel in is biking.

Cycling is amusing and fun and it’s an easy way to get youngsters to exercise. One of the satisfactory ways to get children to experience their bikes is to encourage them to journey their bikes to and from school. On top of being a amazing way to workout that is also an green way to tour, one that would dramatically cut down on UK carbon emissions by using decreasing the quantity of automobile journeys. It is not just as much as dad and mom to inspire wholesome green kinds of travel; faculties too can and need to play a role in actively encouraging children to cycle to school.

One of the fine things a school can do to inspire this form of travel and provide preparations for it’s far to install a cycle safe haven. Any old cycle refuge may additionally provide protection and storage for bikes, however no longer each motorcycle safe haven will encourage youngsters to trip their bikes to highschool.

There is one as a way to but. Introducing the rainbow cycle shelter. The rainbow cycle shelter is a visually attractive, vibrant, bespoke product that surely incorporates children who use it inside the design technique. A rainbow layout down the aspect of the shelter appeals to kid’s sensibilities and makes this shelter greater attractive than the common cycle refuge. Furthermore though, on purchasing the rainbow cycle refuge the college will be provided with a number of A4 size stickers which they are predicted to give to kids who might be requested to attract a layout to function on the refuge. This is accomplished with concept of creating the refuge precise, however also to feature an element or experience of possession of the shed for the youngsters who it’s far expected might be keener to utilize the ability if they have contributed to its design.


Rainbow cycle shelters inspire kids to workout and are greater appealing than the average cycle refuge as they contain children’s ideas into the design procedure.

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