Learn How to Balance Life

Juggling the demands of labor and college may be tough. Balancing assignments due along side paintings duty, along with a circle of relatives existence – and the form of other commitments to your lifestyles – is a real workout in time control. Throw in journey for paintings and you’ve got actually upped the ante even extra.

We interviewed several students who went lower back to university mid-career on balancing paintings and school while travelling on behalf of their corporation.

Interview with Kerry Nordstrom-Bradley, Human Resource Certificate and Social and Behavioral Science Degree Graduate

How frequently do you have to tour for paintings?

I am in out of doors sales so I tour each day. I also went on holidays whilst in school and changed into able to submit discussions while out of metropolis.

For what employer/agency do you figure, and what’s your function there?

I paintings for a meals/sweet producer and my title is Outside Sales Manager.

How did you control studying and finishing assignments for college at the same time as working and visiting?

I had a laptop that I took with me, however if I couldn’t receive a strong sufficient connection then I might use the inn’s computer in their commercial enterprise office. While on a cruise I used the Internet CafĂ© to make the dialogue posts that were important that week.

What tips or advice do you have for a person who travels for paintings who is thinking about going to high school on-line?

Linfield’s program is one of the nice and may be very laptop friendly. Plus the lecturers are usually available that will help you or can get you returned on track in case you are not used to online lessons. There are many sources to be had to use and even while running complete time I failed to sense forced to get my assignments carried out so long as I used a calendar to remind myself of cut-off dates.

Interview with Mark Springer, RN to BSN Degree Student

How frequently do you need to tour for paintings?

The amount of time I journey varies, that can make planning tough. I even have had a few weeks wherein I am long past just in the future, but different weeks I am long past all 5 days. I normally travel round Oregon, but there are instances wherein I journey across the usa.

For what corporation/company do you figure, and what’s your position there?

I work for a scientific tool organization as a medical consultant. My position includes coaching physicians and nurses a way to correctly and correctly use our merchandise. The teaching methods consist of one-on-one, institution in-servicing, and formal occasions with many attendees. These events occur both in the course of the day and into the late evenings. In addition to my coaching role, I am additionally a consultant to the surgeons and nurses who use our products. This method I am on-name day and night to each physicians and nurses who may additionally request my know-how on specifically complex instances. In addition to the above roles and responsibilities I also work very carefully with hospital discharge planners to make sure a smooth continuum of care while the patient leaves the health center with our device.